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We ask that volunteers dedicate a minimum of two days (10am-4pm) per week for three months.


If you are interested, please send the following to the email address below:


  • Resume;

  • Cover Letter; &

  • Writing Sample

Interviews will be held either on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at 11am or 1pm.




UN Photo/ Greg Kinch


NVI-NY welcomes volunteers who want to bring their expertise and experience to an international platform. NVI’s Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council provides regular participation at United Nations conferences and an arena for meaningful dialogue. The program also allows volunteers to collaborate with a number of other international NGOs and high-level advocates.


NVI has previously recruited hard-working and dedicated volunteers with experience in a wide variety of disciplines including human rights activists, lawyers, medical professionals as well as those from the communications and fundraising sectors. The program allows volunteers or pro-bono consultants to contribute their experience to areas, including but not limited to:

UN Photo/ Greg Kinch

  • Research & advocacy;

  • Data analysis & strategy;

  • Campaign & event management;

  • Social media & web development; &

  • Photography & filmmaking

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